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Sales Articles

Articles and Resources

We’ve compiled the latest sales resources in one place to help you drive your sales off the chart.

Employment Resources

Employment Resources

We’ve got the resources to get you onto the right track with your personal career or sales team recruitment endeavours.

Ask as Sales Expert

Ask a Sales Expert

Got a sales or business question? We’re here to help you find the answers you need. Latest Ask A Sales Expert Q&A:



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Speaker’s Registry

Speaker's Registry

Motivate your sales team with one of our experienced sales speakers for your next company event.

Around the Sales Web

Around the Sales Web

Browse through our compilation of the top web resources in sales, and arm your team for success.

"Newsletters regularly have insightful tips that help me in my career by either providing new information or tactics, or reminding me of things that I've known for years, but have let slip."
Mark McKechnie, Cooper Wiring Devices
"The articles in the newsletter serve as a constant learning tool!"
Tricia Cumberland, Canadian Springs-a division of Aquaterra Corp.
"Professional information at your fingertips!"
Deborah Harmacy, Sawridge Inn Edmonton South
"CPSA provides me with a link to sales specific information on current trends, innovative ideas and resources across a band of industries. "
Don Stricelj, Ryan Medical
"Some of the topics in the recent CPSA newsletters have already fueled new directions for my training efforts. "
Michael Morel, Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd.
"CPSA provides great value, including access to articles and sales resources in its enewsletter, which can be reminders of things you knew, data to support your sales strategies or even new ideas to try out."
Kevin Dee
CEO, Eagle Professional Resources Inc.