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Operational Issues Hurting Targets?
Get The Information You Need To Make
Informed Decisions and Achieve Success.

95% of People Increase Their Sales
After Attending a CPSA Sales Training Course.

Give Your Customers the Confidence and Trust
That Comes With A Designation.

Looking for training beyond sales skills?


The CPSA Advantage

With over 140 years of experience and over 12,000+ trained, CPSA is proud to support sales professionals as they pursue sales as a respected career of choice. We offer a multitude of tools, training and services to help sales managers and representatives propel forward in any marketplace. Greatest results are recognized when you use a treatment of our products together such as our sales assessments, sales training courses or certification for ongoing career development.

Our sales training programs are built to transform sales representatives into expert consultative sales professionals that develop long-lasting, trust-based relationships with clients. Developed in conjunction with Human Resources Skills Development Canada, our sales training courses are based on research from thousands of successful sales managers and representatives from various industries across Canada.

Invest In Your Most Valuable Asset

 Usable, expert information that I was able to put into practice immediately! 

D. Grant, Baxter

 CPSA provides relevant information and training development programs designed to keep up with changes in the marketplace. 

Marianne Marsh, Leeber Ltd.

 After attending Professional Selling, my sales increased by 51%. 

K. Allard, Montebello Packaging

 CPSA training provides a proven structure and approach that can be easily adapted to any business. 

Mark Tucker, SCM Insurance Services

 The CSP is the premiere sales training designation in Canada. 

Doug de Nance, Telus Mobility

Our sales training courses apply to all levels of sales roles in your organization with standardized concepts and principles, allowing your entire team to evolve together no matter the experience level. Whether you‘re new to sales or a seasoned veteran, CPSA sales training courses will help you build every necessary skill to be successful and solidify your ability to sell with proven processes.

Sales Professionals looking to elevate their reputation and show their commitment to providing clients with honest and ethical service can become a Certified Sales Professional. This sales designation assures customers that you have met standards for education and experience, demonstrated the competencies for success in sales, and committed to adhere to a Code of Ethics and to maintain your professional development. CPSA is the only organization in Canada offering the Certified Professionals Sales Designation, a measurable benchmark of knowledge and skills in sales. Gain a competitive edge and become a CSP today.

Sales Training and Tools



Developed in conjunction with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, our sales training programs are based on validated research.

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We’ve partnered with education providers to offer a range of supported learning programs outside of sales.

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See how assessments can help your organization in all phases of employment, from selection, to coaching, and performance management.

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CPSA is the only organization in Canada to offer the Certified Sales Professional designation, the recognized standard in sales excellence.

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CPSA Sales Training Course Calendar



Start Date


Professional Selling (English) In-Class 1/26/2016 Toronto
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 2/2/2016 Calgary
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 2/9/2016 Edmonton
Professional Selling Online (English) In-Class 2/9/2016 Online
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 2/16/2016 Saksatoon
Strategic Account Management (English) In-Class 2/24/2016 Toronto
Strategic Account Management (English) In-Class 3/2/2016 Calgary
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 3/8/2016 Vancouver
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 3/9/2016 Toronto
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 4/5/2016 Halifax
Effective Negotiating Strategies (English) In-Class 4/13/2016 Toronto
Professional Sales Management (English) In-Class 4/19/2016 Toronto
Professional Sales Management (English) In-Class 4/19/2016 Toronto
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 4/26/2016 Calgary
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 4/26/2016 Toronto
Strategic Account Management (English) In-Class 5/4/2016 Vancouver
Professional Selling (French) In-Class 5/10/2016 Montreal
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 5/17/2016 Toronto
Professional Sales Management (English) In-Class 6/7/2016 Halifax
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 6/14/2016 Ottawa
Effective Negotiating Strategies (English) In-Class 6/15/2016 Vancouver
Strategic Account Management (English) In-Class 6/22/2016 Toronto
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 7/19/2016 Toronto
Professional Sales Management (English) In-Class 7/26/2016 Calgary
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 9/13/2016 Edmonton
Professional Selling Online (English) In-Class 9/13/2016 Online
Strategic Account Management (English) In-Class 9/21/2016 Toronto
Professional Selling (French) In-Class 9/27/2016 Montreal
Strategic Account Management (English) In-Class 9/28/2016 Calgary
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 10/4/2016 Toronto
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 10/4/2016 Vancouver
Professional Sales Management (English) In-Class 10/18/2016 Toronto
Strategic Account Management (French) In-Class 10/19/2016 Montreal
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 10/25/2016 Calgary
Communicating to Influence Buying Decisions (English) In-Class 10/26/2016 Toronto
Professional Sales Management (English) In-Class 11/1/2016 Vancouver
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 11/1/2016 Halifax
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 11/1/2016 Toronto
Effective Negotiating Strategies (French) In-Class 11/9/2016 Montreal
Effective Negotiating Strategies (English) In-Class 11/16/2016 Toronto
Effective Negotiating Strategies (English) In-Class 11/23/2016 Calgary
Sales Coaching for Success (English) In-Class 11/23/2016 Toronto
Professional Selling (English) In-Class 12/6/2016 Toronto