CPSA Member Code of Ethics

The CPSA Member Code of Ethics is the set of principles and standards that a Member agrees to adhere to with customers, organizations, competitors, communities and colleagues. 

The CPSA Member commits to uphold these standards always:

As a CPSA Member I will:

  1. Maintain honesty and integrity in all relationships with customers, prospective customers, and colleagues and continually work to earn their trust and respect.
  2. Accurately represent my products or services to the best of my ability in a manner that places my customer or prospective customer and my company in a position that benefits both.
  3. Respect and protect the proprietary and confidential information entrusted to me by my company and my customers and not engage in activities that may conflict with the best interest of my customers or my company.
  4. Continually upgrade my knowledge of my products/services, skills and my industry.
  5. Use the time and resources available to me only for legitimate business purposes. I will only participate in activities that are ethical and legal, and when in doubt, I will seek counsel.
  6. Respect my competitors and their products and services by representing them in a manner which is honest, truthful and based on accurate information that has been substantiated.
  7. Endeavour to engage in business and selling practices which contribute to a positive relationship with the community.
  8. Assist and counsel my fellow sales professionals where possible in the performance of their duties.
  9. Treat fellow members with special consideration, be a part of the sales community, collaborate for coaching, guidance and information.
  10. Abide by and encourage others to adhere to this Member Code of Ethics.

As a CPSA Member, I understand that the reputation and professionalism of all salespeople depends on me as well as others engaged in the sales profession, and I will adhere to these standards to strengthen the reputation and integrity for which we all strive. I understand that failure to consistently act according to this Member Code of Ethics may result in the loss of my CPSA membership and its associated benefits.



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