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Buying an email list is a sure-fire way to get more leads for your sales people. So is making your sales people find random companies on LinkedIn to try to sell to. But the problem with these scenarios is that the leads you generate aren’t good. They aren’t qualified. The chances of these random people that you’re soliciting buying from your sales people are very low.

Leads are virtually worthless if they aren’t qualified. When you’re calling a random list of phone numbers, you have no idea who will be on the other line. You have no idea if the person on the phone will be interested in what you’re selling. You’ll have no idea if they have a need that you can solve. You don’t even know if they have the budget to buy.

Reaching out to unqualified leads will only waste resources and time. It won’t lead to significant sales and revenue.

What you need is a strategy that will generate qualified leads. What you need is an inbound marketing strategy. Here’s why.


What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing approach that is in sync with the way consumers buy today. It is an approach that provides consumers with the information they want, when they want it, where they want it.

Today’s consumers want to be informed and knowledgeable before they purchase anything. And thanks to the internet, they can be. With inbound marketing, you can be the one giving your audience the valuable information they seek.

Instead of interrupting and bothering people, you are pulling them towards your brand with an inbound marketing strategy. Instead of chasing down leads who will never buy, you’re attracting people to your brand.

If you’re the first one to offer them the content that they want, or if you are the company to offer the most in-depth, relevant, and valuable content, you increase your chances of gaining trust and loyalty from these consumers when the time to buy comes.


Attracting Qualified Leads

With an inbound marketing strategy, you can identify your buyer personas (the people who are most likely to buy from you) and target that audience through content that appeals specifically to them.

By using this personalized, targeted approach, you can help ensure that you don’t just attract anyone and everyone, you attract the right kind of leads—the ones that are willing and able to buy, or soon will be.

Nurturing Leads

Though the leads you attract through an inbound marketing strategy might be the ones who are the most likely to buy from you, it doesn’t mean that they’re ready to buy immediately. Some will be on the fence. Some will still be performing research and comparing different products and brands.

An important part of an effective inbound marketing strategy is lead nurturing. With this approach, you send highly personalized messages to your leads once you’ve received their contact information. This continuous contact, in which you offer advice, recommendations, and help, allows you to stay top of mind, gain loyalty and trust, and convince your leads to buy from you.


Bottom Line

With inbound marketing, you will no longer have to aggressively search for (or pay for) leads. Instead, you’ll be attracting your target audience to your brand by offering them valuable content and positioning your company in the right places to be found. Because you’ll understand your audiences and you’ll specifically target them, you’ll attract the right type of leads. And because you’ll then nurture those leads, you’ll help convince them to buy from your company when the time is right.

Inbound marketing is the most effective form of marketing for business today. Get started by partnering with an inbound marketing agency today.

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