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In today’s economy, nearly every organization faces pressure to reduce waste and run at peak efficiency. For many, this means making difficult personnel decisions to eliminate positions that do not add sufficient value to the organization and either eliminating or re-deploying people in those roles.

The climate in the organization becomes tense as these changes take hold, and the stakes are high with little room for error. Given the importance of this issue, Profiles International researchers conducted a comprehensive review of organizational design and talent management practices to identify over 50 “best practices” in the context of organizational restructuring. We then asked several experts to rank order their top 20 best practices from this list.  From this, we determined our “Top 10” best practices list.

Top 10 Best Practices

1.  Know how each job supports your organization’s key objectives.

2.  Consider both internal and external candidates for open positions.

3.  Use objective evaluation criteria based on known outstanding performers in   that job.

4.  Ensure compensation is competitive, based on current market rates for the job.

5.  Apply a consistent selection process to all candidates.

6.  Include key stakeholders in your employee selection process.

7.  Train your interviewers in your employee selection process.

8.  Give your interviewers guidance to help them probe deeper into a candidate's suitability.

9.  Conduct comprehensive reference and background checks on job candidates.

10. Ensure your orientation process helps re-deployed people become  productive faster.

Source:  Profiles International Best Practices Research:  Selection Strategies for Re-organization, Re-deployment and Recovery, March 2009.

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