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As the holiday season is upon us, it is time to reengage the team. In this edition of the newsletter, we will provide tips for ways to engage your team and stay productive during the holiday season.

  • Talk individually with team members about what helps keep them engaged and focused. Then, as a team share and make a plan to implement the ideas as a group.
  • Examine what is working on your team and what isn't working then commit to changing those things that are no longer working for you and your team members.
  • Team members want to know what they are doing well and where they can improve upon so they can continue doing their best. This is a great time to praise the job well done and provide constructive feedback.
  • When employees understand how their presence in the company makes a true difference, they will usually work harder for the success of the company as well as for their own personal success.

Provide Recognition:

  • Send e-gift certificates to your employees and their families.
  • Have each of your offices order pizza and get on a teleconference while you eat to celebrate your successes.
  • Recognition letters thanking your team members for a job well done.
  • Pick up the phone to say thanks

How do you provide motivation for your virtual team?

  • Provide an acknowledgment of an employee's or work group's accomplishments broadcast over e-mail.
  • Email a "I couldn't have done it without you" certificate.
  • Email a thank you letter hand signed by everyone in the work unit.
  • Conduct a thank-you web-conference where everyone in the work unit thanks someone else for something specific. Make it more personal.
  • Arrange for the work group to present results of its efforts to high-level executive/stakeholder.
  • Find out what engages your team members and provide task opportunities based on their likes and dislikes.

The holiday season is not only a wrap up of the year, but a time to reflect on a job well done. You can use this holiday season as way to help refocus and engage your team, set new goals and inspire.

About the Author:

Claire Sookman, President of Virtual Team Builders which specializes in virtual team building and communication strategies.

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