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The Canadian Professional Sales Association is searching for a high-quality Senior Sales Advisor to help grow its customers and memberships base in the B2B market. In this position, you will be responsible for researching, prospecting, presenting and closing agreements to join the CPSA. In addition, you will strategically manage the accounts once they have joined the CPSA. Your target clients range from organizations with 10 to 50 sales professionals.

You’re a proven sales producer with a track record of exceptional results. You have the polish and confidence to not only sell to decision makers but become a valued advisor to them. You are fearless but charismatic. You represent the face of the organization and embody sales professionalism to your core.

If you’re passionate about the future of the Sales Profession and want to be part of a prestigious organization that is in “mature start-up mode” – the CPSA is the right place to be! Could this be the job for you?

Corporate Snapshot & History

The CPSA began in 1874 as the Commercial Travellers Association (CTA) – a group of early salesmen who made their living trekking across the country by horse, wagon, rail and steamboat, taking wholesale orders.

In a spirit of “mutual support and betterment,” the CTA demanded the highest ethical and professional standards from its members. In return, it offered travel discounts, insurance benefits, lobbying, and community. Over the next 100 years, it expanded into education and professional development.

In 1991, the CTA became the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) and its members continued to represent the best of the sales profession who benefited from extensive travel, lifestyle, and business cost savings programs.

After the recent decade of growing member churn, significant changes to the CPSA were made in 2015 to start the process of defining a new strategic direction. New management was installed, infrastructure was overhauled and actions were taken to stabilize membership. The completion of a major research study in 2016 provided important insights into needs of the sales community that enabled the development of a new long term strategy. While programs were implemented in 2016 to slow the churn in membership and start building a stronger value proposition for members, the research clearly identified that a significantly broader range of benefits were required if the CPSA was going to be relevant to the sales community. After a comprehensive process a new long term strategy was developed and a new mandate adopted in late 2016 that shifted the priority of the organization away from cost savings programs towards a significantly greater focus on skill and knowledge development.

On July 1, 2017 the CPSA rebranded and began serving sales professionals at all stages of their careers, working with individuals and corporate partners to optimize their success and enhance sales skills. The CPSA now helps drive sales performance through proven standards and strengthen the Canadian economy.

There are over 1.2 Million sales people in Canada and current membership is only 20,000 which include senior executives, entrepreneurs, sales managers, sales representatives and sale agents. There is tremendous opportunity for membership growth and a goal has been established to achieve 100,000 members by 2025.

CPSA Culture

The CPSA has a vibrant culture where work-life balance and personal growth and development are embedded in who we are and what we do.

Our cultural values:

  • PASSION FOR SALES - We loves sales!
  • AGILITY - Pivot & evolve
  • CONTINUOUS LEARNING - Develop our potential
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Empowered to own it "Fail Forward"
  • OPEN & HONESTY COMMUNICATION - Radical candour
  • PERFORMANCE FOCUSED - Informed action

Our employees enjoy flex time, work from home days, monthly social events, summer hours and paid extra vacation days between Christmas and New Year.


What You Will Be Selling:

Member Benefits

Profesional Certification
The cornerstone of the new CPSA. Currently, the only program of its kind in North America, the CPSA has introduced a graduated professional sales certification program that follow a professional through their career. THe CPSA designations has proven to open the door to better career opportunities and higher earning potential.

  • 52% of Certified Sales Professionals (CSP) earn more money once certifie
  • The Majority surpass their annual sales quotas and rank in the top 25% of sales within their organization.

The CPSA designations are a valued tool for employers seeking to qualify skills when recruiting while providing individuals the opportunity to track and advance their careers.

Assessment Tools
The CPSA has developed a set of online tools to help individual and corportations assess their sales skills. These tools provide feedback against a set of industry competencies so that one can determine the gaps in their skills

Training and Development
The CPSA offers ongoing Sales Training modules tailored to all levels of sales professionals. Members also have access to external training hosted by industry leading partners (including educational institutions) who can build knowledge and experience in core skills like strategy, social selling, service, powerful presentations, leadership, and executive sales management. Upon completion of training, digital badges and certificates are offered to reinforce individual progress through the certification framework.

Knowledge Center
The CPSA has an extensive library of sales specific resources based on an online portal providing podcasts, articles, whitepapers, videos and webinars specific to help a sales professional become more effective in their job.

An array of templates and resources, including the free online "Ask an Expert" service where the CPSA provides access to expert resources to help solve challenging situations

Sales Community
Educational and networking events are hosted across the country to engage sales professionals at all levels to build a sense of community and increase connectivity. This is integrated with an active social media strategy where thought leadership is encouraged

Cost Savings

The CPSA continues to offer and invest in its array of significant cost savings programs for small and medium sized business and individuals. The CPSA travel savings offers some of the lowest hotel and car rentals rates in the country.

The Positioning

To individual sales professionals: The CPSA can help you get your job done and advnace your career.
To corporations and managers: The CPSA can help you do a better job in recruiting sales people, retaining them and improving performance.

Your Skills

You meet the skills outlined in the CPSA sales competency framework at the CSA level

Core Function

  • Research and generate qualified leads form designated/assigned verticals
  • Secure membership in the CPSA
  • Enroll sales employees into the CSP designation framework
  • Promote and successfully close on revenue generating offerings from the CPSA
  • Schedule appointments and conduct high quality, video conference sales presentations (with the occasional in person presentations) with VP/C-Level decision makers
  • Build and maintain high volume and high quality sales pipeline
  • Update both clients and prospects on the latest product release launches
  • Acquire and enhance knowledge of new products, procedures, services and tools by attending CPSA and industry training meetings
  • Using marketing data to maximize sales effectiveness and efficiency by using relevant sales management and productivity tools
  • Maintaining professionalism, diplomacy, sensitivity, and tact to portray the CPSA in a professional manner


  • Minimum of 5 years' experience in B2B or B2C sales
  • Experience selling directyl to decision makers
  • Post-secondary education in Commerce, Business Administration or related field
  • A proven track record of sales growth
  • Proof of completion of continuing education through sales training courses
  • Effective time management, organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Possess exceptional people skills to handle clients and have an outgoing personality
  • Ability to manage the full sales cycle with corporate members
  • Very strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent team player and with the ability to perform well under pressure
  • Strong skills in CRM and the MS Office suite of products (Word, PPT, XLSD)

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity at CPSA, please contact Martin Boucher, Vice-President, Sales at

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