Case Studies

ReSource Group

After taking CPSA training and earning their designations, ReSource Group Canada's sales went up 25%. Find out how they have used professional sales training and designations to arm their staff with the skills to succeed in good times and challenging ones.


CSP Carolyn Arthur

The Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation is at the foundation of Carolyn Arthur’s successful 15-year career in sales. Find out how becoming a CSP shaped Arthur’s approach to sales and business development.

CSP Case Study

CSL Shawnah Moseley

The Certified Sales Leader (CSL) designation helped Shawnah Moseley show customers, colleges and staff she was passionate about her craft. Find out how a CSL designation elevated Moseley's professional sales skills and standards in the sales community.

CSL Case Study

CSP Oladapo J. Owoeye

Equipped with ten years in the sales profession, ranging from relationship management in Credit and Investments, to one of the largest multinational companies in food and beverage, Oladapo Owoeye is a proud leader in the world of sales.  Find out how a CSP designation helped Oladapo in his career as a Sales Manager at Nestle.

 oladapo cs page

Kayvan Alavi, Fundamentals of Selling Online

With the shift to virtual selling, Kayvan was able to take concepts like social selling and unique value proposition development back to his desk to implement immediately. Read his full story to learn how CPSA's Fundamentals of Selling Online course helped Kayvan develop his skills in sales.

 kayvan case study graphic

Kyle Steward CSL, CSP

For Kyle, the CPSA’s clear designation pathway allowed him to measure his growing skillset in sales and gain recognition as a leader. Armed with a Certified Sales Professional and Certified Sales Leader Designation, he has earned several awards of distinction including “Top New Business” and “Account Executive of the Year” within the first year of his role as National Account Executive. Learn more about how Kyle expanded his skillset in sales leadership in his case study.

 kyle steward cs

Raveen Bhatti CSA, CSP 

As Senior Manager, Learning & Development at National Tire Distributors (NTD), Raveen Bhatti, along with the Professional Development team has successfully launched a microlearning platform containing CPSA Sales Training as well as a designation pathway requirement for all sales professionals across the country. 

 RAVEEN ssss ad

Nelson Corporate

Nelson invested in CPSA’s Fundamentals of Selling training for their customer-facing teams to level-set the sales process across internal stakeholder groups. The professional sales training has enabled the company to deliver a consistent, high-performance standard. It also provides an opportunity for professional development for their employees, who now have the prerequisite education to work towards to their Certified Sales Associate (CSA) designations.

“CPSA training has been well worth the time invested. We were impressed with the sessions and the strategies we can put into action right away.”
- Lindsay Shipman, Nelson Consultant

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