Sales Designations: Unlocking Canada’s Business Potential

Sales is changing; and changing rapidly

Business leaders are finding it difficult to attract and retain qualified sales people. 87% of Sales and HR Decision makers agree that clear, measurable standards for sales professionals are required to address the issue. The CPSA’s industry leading sales designation programs establish these standards and enable business leaders to develop top performing sales teams who drive continued growth. 

Learn more in CPSA Sales Designations: Unlocking Canada’s Business Potential (published in The Globe & Mail November 30, 2018). 

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Recognition at Every Stage of Your Career

Build expertise in essential areas like Prospecting, Relationship Development, Consultative Selling, and Negotiations, mastering Strategic Account Leadership and becoming an effective Sales Leader.

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Skills Sales Professionals Need to Succeed: CPSA Competency Framework

The Sales Professional Competency Framework, provides and in-depth overview of the essential sales skills that are the foundation of all CPSA Institute designations, from Certified Sales Associates to established Certified Sales Professionals and Certified Sales Leaders.

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Take the CPSA Sales Assessment

Understand your strengths and areas for improvement with 30 questions designed to challenge your day-to-day skills as a sales professional. Each question has been developed and reviewed by sales professionals to provide an assessment based on CPSA’s sales competency framework. 

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Accredited Partners - Training You Can Trust

CPSA Institute Accredited Partners deliver top-notch, results-driven information and insights that will position you to succeed, now and in the future. Our independent stamp of approval is assurance that you’re getting the rigorous, standards-based training that top employers look for in a Sales Professional.

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