Sales Book: Teams Win Championships

On June 15 2021, six international business leaders (one being a CPSA member) published the book "Teams Win Championships - How to Create, Manage and Contribute to High Performance Sales Teams", written for the Global Sales Community with an emphasis on teamwork.


The unique concept of this project is that all proceeds from the book sales will be 100% completely donated to charitable organizations.  We aim to encourage a paradigm shift in today's sales world from “I” to “We” and from “Me” to “Us”, fully supported with real life experiences, practical advice, proven methods, and our collective experience.  At only 300 pages with no fluff at all, your sales team will appreciate the relevant and tactical information that can be put into action immediately.  Supported by a dozen interviews with internationally respected business and academic leaders, the end result is the definition of true teamwork.

Take your sales game up a notch with the three distinct parts:

  • Part I: The Team Genesis and Definition (team values, vision, mission, culture, sizing, communication).
  • Part II: Leadership and the Leader (key traits, servant leadership, trust, coaching, crisis management).
  • Part III: Team Members: Hiring, Nurturing, Coaching and Renewal (extended sales teams, channel partners, relationships, commitments, accountability).

Get your copy today exclusively on Amazon and help out some well-deserving charities!

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