The CPSA Launches a Partnership with Memorial University of Newfoundland

The CPSA is proud to announce a partnership with Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), one of Atlantic Canada’s largest universities. Based in St. John’s, MUN is the only university in Newfoundland and Labrador and offers students a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs both in-person and online.

Memorial University of Newfoundland strives to provide its students with the most current tools, resources and events to help accelerate their careers. The CPSA is thrilled to provide accredited courses within MUN’s business degree programs to help prepare students for a fulfilling and successful sales career. Students in the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration and International Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs enrolled in the Professional Selling course will receive full pre-requisite education towards their Certified Sales Associate (CSA) designation and receive a Professional Selling Certificate upon successful completion of the course. Students in the previously mentioned programs and Master of Business Administration program will also receive partial pre-requisite education towards their Certified Sales Leader (CSL) designation after successfully completing the Salesforce Management course.

In addition to providing students with the support they need to kickstart their sales careers, Memorial University of Newfoundland holds a strong reputation within the sales community with its highly knowledgeable faculty. Dr. Kirby Shannahan, Professor of Marketing, and Dr. Rachelle Shannahan, Associate Dean and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration, are the authors of the well-known SELL (3rd edition) textbook published by Nelson and used by students across North America.

The CPSA looks forward to working closely with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s faculty and students to provide them with the resources needed to pursue an enriching career in sales.


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