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Supporting Sales Professionals Nationwide - A Few Members of Our Team

I connect with our members to help take their sales careers to the next level.
Each individual member has different goals, strengths and aspirations, and it’s my job to provide the right solution to bring them success. Whether the goal is to help a single member or an entire sales team, I find great satisfaction in knowing my knowledge of our training solutions contributes to forming quality, long-term business partnerships.
Ahmed Hegazy, Member Account Management
It means a lot to me when I hear from our members about the impact the CPSA has on their day-to-day performance.
Whether it be articles from our sales experts and thought leaders that helped solve a problem, or our regular communications that keep them informed about new benefits and events which help them remain competitive, it’s always rewarding when our members go out of their way to let us know how they use our services.
I can’t wait to hear from our members when they experience our new Knowledge Centre and all of the resources it has to offer.
Mandy Ungar, Member Account Management
Personally, it’s always rewarding when I get a thank you from a CSP candidate who was nervous about completing their CSP exams, but who has ended up passing with flying colours.
Many times, just being available to take their call and to walk them through the entire process gives them the confidence they need to succeed. CSP candidates who leverage our team to help them mentally prepare, rather than just to book their exams, end up being the ones who stay in touch and it’s a thrill to be able to celebrate their career achievements along with them.
Sylvia Lee, Professional Development

CPSA Management Team

peter-irwin-200x200Peter J. Irwin President & CEO
shane-aube-200x200Shane C Aubé Director, Marketing
richard-louttet-200x200Richard Louttet Director, Education & Certification
carrie-millen-200x200Carrie Millen Director, Professional Development
trevor-nguyen-200x200Trevor Nguyen Director, Strategic Partnerships
linda-ono-200x200Linda Ono Director, Finance & Administration

"The best thing about being part of the CPSA is the devotion everyone has to the sales profession."

Travis Humphrys, Account Management (CPSA)