Our Team

Just a few members of our team - dedicated to serving yours.

Sylvia 200
CSP candidates who leverage our team to help them mentally prepare, rather than just to book their exams, end up being the ones who stay in touch. It’s such a joy to witness and celebrate their career achievements along with them!
Sylvia Lee, Professional Development
Michael 200
I love connecting with our members, enjoying my role as a facilitator for a platform that consolidates resources for training, growth, and excellence. It’s truly remarkable that a community of like-minded sales professionals such as this exists, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.
Jeremy Rau, Corporate Accounts Advisor
Rupelyn 200
Providing CPSA members with tools and resources to guide their career every step of the way is my number one priority. I’m eager to give our members the best experience possible while providing tools that help them advance their careers and achieve their personal and professional goals.
Rupelyn Osorio, Sales Development Resources

CPSA Management Team

peter-irwin-200x200Peter J. Irwin President & CEO
linda-ono-200x200Linda Ono Vice President,
Martin-boucher-200x200Martin Boucher Vice President,
Nicholas CroweNicholas Crowe Director Professional Development
richard-louttet-200x200Richard Louttet Vice President Education & Certification
Sarath PillaiSarath Pillai Director Information & Technology

"The best thing about being part of the CPSA is the devotion everyone has to the sales profession."

Travis Humphrys, Account Management (CPSA)