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Sales Strategy
Dec 5, 2016 | Canadian Professional Sales Association

It’s important that every sales rep has an arsenal of proven and practical selling techniques that they can use at the ready when making sales calls. As a sales rep, you’ll be met with a variety of different situations that will each require a unique approach. Here are seven techniques that all sales reps should master to improve their sales.

1. Structured Goals

It’s important to be systematic about the number of goals you want to make in a day and the targets you want to reach. Although this might not seem like a selling technique, methodizing your days will help you become more efficient and motivated to make each sales call successful. Without structured goals, you can end up wasting time with callers you know you won’t be able to close with, or with techniques that you’re not entirely sure will work. For this reason, becoming more organized is one of the best sales techniques sales reps can master.


2. Focus on Competitive Edge

There will inevitably be a significant amount of overlap between you and your competitors; this is just the nature of business. One of the best selling techniques to use is emphasizing your competitive edge—giving your customers concrete reasons why going with your company over a competitor makes more sense. 

3. Master CRM

CRM technology is an invaluable tool for sales reps, and should definitely be one of the selling techniques you are taking advantage of. Finding a good CRM program that works for your company will help sales reps track who is clicking on their links, who is reading their blogs, and who they should reach out to as prospective clients.

4. Emphasize Decision Making

Many sales calls end with the customer being unable or unwilling to make a final decision. Sales techniques need to focus on more than just the value of the product or service, they also need to emphasize why it makes sense to make a decision sooner than later.

5. Aim for Appointments

Strictly selling over the phone can be very difficult; many people are reluctant to do business with someone they haven’t seen and don’t know. When calling prospective customers, always aim to establish an appointment where you can meet face-to-face; in-person interaction is much more effective for closing sales. You can offer the client a consultation, or offer to meet them to go over the benefits of the product further.

6. Be Prepared for Objections

Objections during sales calls are a part of the job, we’ve all experienced them and we all know that they are a routine part of the selling process. Successful sales reps prepare for objections and have a plan to meet them and answer to them. Becoming flustered when you’re met with objections doesn’t help the customer instil faith in you or your product. Make a list of common objections and come up with effective answers to meet them.

7. Follow up and Listen 

The best selling techniques foster a relationship with the customer that extends beyond the initial interaction. One of the best techniques you can adopt, and one that will help you build relationships within your client base, is following up with customers after the initial sales call and actively listening to any concerns or questions they might have. If they’ve purchased the product, take time to listen to their experience of using it so far. If they are still considering, ask them questions about the decision making process and listen to their answers. This can help establish trust between you and the customer, and trust is aid in closing sales. 

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