#SalesProChat Twitter Chat - May 31, 1 pm EST

Every month we present a SalesProchat podcast and host a #SalesProChat Twitter chat. SalesProChat brings Sales pros and business leaders together to discuss major topics in Sales. 

The May 2017 #SalesProChat Twitter chat will consider the following questions:

Q1: What are the top qualities needed to be a good negotiator? #SalesProChat
Q2: Do good negotiators make good leaders? #SalesProChat
Q3: How can sales people prepare ahead of a sales negotion? What goes into the research? #SalesProChat
Q4: What strategies can ensure a win-win negotiation so the #salespro and client are happy? #SalesProChat

Join business leaders, sales professionals and high-profile industry experts from across Canada and the US as we come together on Twitter to share tips, strategies and enjoy lots of virtual networking.

Date: Wednesday, May 31
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST
Language: English 
31/May/2017 13:00
31/May/2017 14:00