Foundations of Consultative Selling, offered by RAIN Group, a CPSA Accredited Partner


This is RAIN Group's core consultative selling program on how to lead consultative sales conversations to become a top-performing seller.

Learn how to lead masterful sales conversations and do what sales winners do differently than second place finishers. Research on more than 700 B2B purchasers shows:

  • Winners “connected with the buyer personally” 2.2 times more often than second-place finishers,
  • Winners demonstrated they “understood  the buyer's needs” 2.5 times more often and “crafted a compelling solution” 2.3 times more often than second-place finishers,
  • Winners “persuaded buyers that they would achieve results” - 2.5 times more often than second-place finishers, and
  • Number one on the list - Winners “educated buyers with new ideas or perspectives” 2.9 times more often,than second-place finishers.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Use proven concepts, strategies and tactics that result in more wins
  • Sell larger solutions through understanding buyer aspirations and afflictions
  • Sell on impact and value and reduce price push backs
  • Build stronger relationships with buyers
  • Increase and improve your levels of confidence

Who Should Attend

  • Sellers of all types who need the skills to become top-performing sellers
  • Appropriate for full-time sellers, and seller doers (professional services firms)

What do you get when you attend

  • This course provides partial pre-requisite education credit towards the Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation

December 10, 11, 2018



Course Fee: $1,850 + taxes

Location: Toronto
Course Language: English
10/Dec/2018 09:00
11/Dec/2018 17:00