Live Webinar: Death of a (traditional) Salesman - How to Survive in the New Era of Selling

death of a salesman graphic

Forrester estimates that by 2020, 1 million B2B sellers in the U.S. are going to lose their jobs. Among the roles impacted are order takers. After all, we’ve got e-commerce to help us with that now. And we’re losing explainers. We’ve got great marketing departments to provide tools that do the explaining for us. And think about what YouTube has done for the consumer when it comes to product training. 

This is not all bad news. These changes mean sales leaders can prioritize what should be most important: helping their modern sales teams focus on being consultative sellers. 

Join this webinar, hosted by David Jeffrey, VP of Sales, Salesforce to understand how you can best survive in the new era of sales

 Wednesday, January 16
Time: 12pm EST 
Host: David Jeffrey, VP of Sales, Salesforce 
Language: English


16/Jan/2019 12:00
16/Jan/2019 13:00