Strategic Account Management, offered by RAIN Group, a CPSA Accredited Partner


In this program from CPSA Accredited Partner RAIN Group, you’ll learn how to penetrate, expand, and protect strategic accounts.

How do high performers out-do the rest to grow their accounts and achieve their financial goal?

At the top of the list? By providing value.
The more value you provide your accounts, the more willing they'll be to buy, keep buying, and expand their relationship with you.

It sounds easy, but a surprising number of account teams struggle with adding value. In fact, high performers are 2.8x more effective at working collaboratively with key accounts to co-create value in new, innovative ways.
It's not a question of simply cross-selling or up-selling more products and services, but being creative and inventive about finding and presenting to the account those places you can add value.

In this course, the instructor will take you beyond basic account-growth techniques and teach you how to master value-add conversations that will propel you to success.
If you're looking to increase sales and maximize client loyalty, this course is for you.


Key Learning Outcomes
The course is designed to help sellers answer/ Address the following questions:

  • How many accounts should you have? Avg. size of account (revenue)?
  • How much could these accounts grow? What size should they be? 
  • Why aren’t you tapping the growth in the accounts?
  • Does the team do a good job seeing where the opportunity to grow accounts is?
  • Do they know, and can they describe, the additional value they can add to accounts?
  • Can they lead and facilitate meetings so that buyers become inspired by what’s possible that the seller can bring to the table? 
  • Do sellers see the sale from the buyer’s perspective? Do they know their strategies, agendas for actions, hot buttons? 
  • How successful account management teams look at value from the account's perspective?
  • How to prepare for value conversations with your account
  • How to use insight selling to guide your accounts to seeing the added value you can provide
  • Key questions you can use to help your accounts shift their thinking about the value they will gain from working with you

Who Should Attend

  • Appropriate for account leaders, full-time sellers, and seller doers (professional services firms)
  • Appropriate for companies with sophisticated strategic account teams, emerging strategic account teams, or sellers who must maximize sales to existing accounts (e.g., partners and leaders of services firms).  

What do you get when you attend

  • This course provides partial pre-requisite education toward the Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation
  • To gain full credit, consider taking RAIN Selling, RAIN Prospecting, and RAIN Negotiations

January 24, 25, 2019



Course Fee: $1,850 + taxes

Location: Toronto
Course Language: English
24/Jan/2019 09:00
25/Jan/2019 17:00