Evolve 2019: Attract New Talent & New Business, offered by Teneo Results, a CPSA Accredited Partner


Sales Leaders, are your sales people getting meetings, but failing to attract, retain and secure new business? 

It’s never been a more critical time to attract top talent who can represent your organization and secure net new business. And it’s not just your sales team that needs help. Today’s customer is making buying decisions based on their interactions with the entire organization.

At Evolve, expert sales professionals will be talking about how to influence your team to:
• Know the optimum time to sell so they have opportunities to sell again in the future
• Know what move to make and when to get the outcome you want
• Ask the right questions that are critical to get to a Yes
• Work collaboratively within your organization and influence the customer to make a purchase
• Attract and retain top talent and increase your sales

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Who Should Attend

  • Sales Leaders & CEO's

• 7:30 am Registration & Breakfast
• 8:15 am Official Start
• 12:30 am Lunch
• 1:30 pm Networking Wrap-Up


April 4, 2019

Event Fees:

CPSA Members Receive A Special Rate of $99 compared to the $129 regular rate for non members. All rates are subject to applicable taxes.

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Course Language: English
04/Apr/2019 07:30
04/Apr/2019 13:30
195 Galaxy Blvd