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Elite sales performers create stronger relationships faster, leading to higher close rates, better margins and shorter selling cycles. Naturally, product knowledge and selling skills are critical to sales success, but it’s the soft skills that equip elite sales performers to stand out, so clients want to and look forward to connecting with them. You can now learn and leverage these skills with Quota® Charisma™!

Come learn the critical competencies to: Flame/Ghost/Free connect. Build stronger relationships through ‘Onioning’. Be aware of self-imposed barriers to connecting. Understand how Empathy, Personal Connections, Calibrated Questions and Parallel Storytelling can strengthen your bond with your client. These are ESSENTIAL skills for any salesperson that wants to be a top performer and be loved by their clients!

May 30, 2019

Course Fees:

$695 + tax Breakfast/Lunch included

Course Language: English
30/May/2019 04:30
30/May/2019 12:30
6750 Missassauga Rd
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