CPSA Webinar: Eat Their Lunch, Winning Customers Away From Your Competition

Join our next webinar, Eat Their Lunch, Winning Customers Away From Your Competition on July 18 at 11:00am EST. 

Leading Sales Enablement Consultant, Chris Champagne, CSL, will introduce you to the following competitive displacement techniques: 

• You are the Value Proposition – how to position Level 4 value vs Level 1 transactional/commodity 
• How to create “mindshare” which ultimately influences wallet share – leveraging super-trends and outcomes to gain preference 
• Prospecting with intention of displacement 

This webinar is specifically for sales people who sell in competitive industries, where products/services are mostly equal and where the value they create is the primary differentiator. 

As an extra bonus a draw will take place at the end of the webinar for 3 copies of Eat Their Lunch, by bestselling author Anthony Iannarino. 

Date and Time:
Thu, Jul 18, 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

18/Jul/2019 11:00
18/Jul/2019 12:00
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