Sales Techniques of the 3rd Millennium, offered by Mercuri International, a CPSA Accredited Partner


Mercuri International’s 3rd Millennium Sales Concept will help you pick and practice the skills required to transform yourself into a future-proof sales professional.

The sales function is at the center of an unprecedented earthquake. Indeed, few professions have experienced such a transformation of their performing practices in so few years. This earthquake has shaken the strongest convictions on the effectiveness of historical sales methods, and at the same time opens the door to new opportunities for outstanding sales productivity. Yet the sales function is often one of those that has least integrated the digital revolution.

Yesterday’s ways of doing things don’t work anymore. The approaches relating to obtaining appointments during prospecting, the discovery of needs, the drafting of an offer, the defense of price or order taking have now all been questioned and challenged. In many cases, the conventional techniques that are supposed to work on all these points no longer work or are simply so ineffective that sales operational costs compared to results do not make sense anymore.

You are a sales representative, this training will allow you to find solutions to delicate situations you encounter and update your practices through new approaches and technologies.


Date: September 19 - September 20
Course Fees: $2000 + VAT
Sheraton Gateway Hotel Toronto International Airport

19/Sep/2019 08:00
20/Sep/2019 17:00
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