CPSA Webinar: How to Drive Sales Success with Effective Activity Allocation

Sales success is built on a series of well-executed steps of a dynamic sales process. While we all have different strengths and challenges, the one thing we all have in common it time and how we use it. The Activity Calculator allows you to understand where your strengths, while allowing you to formulate a development plan to address your challenges. For managers, the Activity Calculator will help you develop more effective coaching and development plans.

Webinar Take-Aways:
• The ability to understand how to optimize your selling time based on your data
• A clear road map to improving your skills
• A step by step approach to proactively drive and manage your sales success

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tiborTibor Shanto is a Prospecting & Sales Execution Specialist specializing in B2B companies that deliver professional development for professional sales people. He aims to help sales professionals better execute their sales process, with a focus on new client and revenue acquisition. He has worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of reps, helping them understand that success in sales is all about Execution – Everything Else Is Just talk. 
25/Feb/2020 11:00
25/Feb/2020 12:00
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