CPSA Webinar: Sales Coaching: Resilience and Mindset During these Uncertain Times

The current state of the world can impact us all personally and professionally. It is fundamentally changing the way we as sales professionals work, as well as the kind of support our sales teams, clients and peers need from us.

During this time, it is vital that sales professionals have strategies and tactics that help them to remain positive and focused. Our mindset can impact how we think and feel and ultimately our results. Working through some resilience strategies that will help us build the confidence and stay on track with our goals is so important.

What is your daily routine and how do you build in some strategies to help you deal with the added pressures and challenges of this uncertain time?

Join our webinar with Sales Coach and Owner of Inspiring You, Nancy Dewar, M.Ed, PCC as we discuss how to;

  • Understand how our mindset and current level of stress may be impacting our work and focus
  • Learn how to implement some new routines to build resilience and feel more in control
  • Understand what our clients may be experiencing and how to support them
  • Take care of yourself and your sales team during times of uncertainty


Your Host:

dewar_nancy-12888-lowresNancy Dewar is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach PCC, an International Facilitator and Learning Strategist MEd, with over 25 years of delivering developmental programs and leading, and managing teams of people. With a background holding senior positions in sales, marketing and operations, Nancy brings a strategic approach to every business situation.

Nancy has lead several corporate coaching and learning initiatives and specializes in sales, culture transformation, change management, coaching and mindfulness and has industry experience to include automotive, consumer package goods, retail, marketing agency, and pharmaceutical. She is certified with the Learning Styles Inventory, Predictive index assessment, and is EQ1 and EQ 360 certified.

Upcoming Webinar: 
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14/May/2020 11:00
14/May/2020 12:00
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