CPSA Webinar: Verbal Branding & Simplicity – The most powerful, hidden tool for sales and performance

Simplicity is a hidden power in all communications and especially for sales but, most firms don’t know how to develop or apply it. To create true competitive advantage – along with a stronger brand, collective confidence, and even increased margins – your approach must harness conversational logic, memory dynamics, and razor-sharp clarity to become a game-changing sales framework.

A Verbal Branding & Simplicity approach moves your sales from “me too” tactics to a robust strategy. Join this webinar and be sure you’re getting results that push you to the next level of success. Among other lessons, you’ll learn:

  • ‘Verbal Branding’ philosophies that are mission-critical and immediately usable
  • Why ‘Simplicity’ is the most important tool for growth, margin, and confidence
  • A strategic model that becomes a multi-impact framework for firm-wide performance
  • Why the elevator pitch mindset should be eliminated forever
  • How to avoid being seen as a commodity in your market
  • A 20-second method to better qualify prospects
  • How to connect the sales effort to an internal ‘same page’ culture

Your Host:

Stephen Melanson_Melanson ConsultingStephen Melanson is the President of Melanson Consulting, which was founded in 2004. He is a management consultant, trainer, speaker, Verbal Branding expert, and – as featured on – originator of the only ‘Differentiation and Business Simplicity’ platform of its kind worldwide. Melanson Consulting is a service provider for individuals and small through Fortune 100 firms.

Upcoming Webinar: 
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28/May/2020 11:00
28/May/2020 12:00
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