CPSA Webinar: Top Cybersecurity Mistakes Sales Pros Make While Working Remotely

In this webinar, hosted in partnership with Brokerlink Insurance and Quartet Service, attendees will get a detailed overview of the top cybersecurity risks sales professionals are facing today.

Learn practical steps you can take to protect you and your sales team from common cybersecurity breaches such as:

  • Phishing and Vhishing
  • Malware
  • Ransomware

Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • The steps you can take to prepare yourself and your sales team
  • How to protect your critical information and infrastructure
  • Tips and immediate changes you can implement to significantly improve your cybersecurity
  • How insurance may be able to protect you, should critical information be exposed

Your Hosts:
geoffGeoff Haddock, Account Director, Brokerlink Insurance Canada

Geoff Haddock is an Account Executive with Brokerlink Inc., a Canadian Insurance brokerage firm, with offices in Ontario, Alberta the Maritimes. Brokerlink, one of the largest insurance brokerages in Canada, is a subsidiary of Intact Financial Corporation. Geoff has managed client relationships with both large and small business enterprises at global and regional insurance brokerages.

Geoff has focused his attention on providing Cyber security insurance solutions to his clients since the Y2K scare. He has seen the seen the changes to insurance solutions over the past twenty years, as insurance providers have evolved their products and services to mitigate the ever expanding  digital risks that businesses of all sizes face.

Brokerlink offers its clients access to a wide variety of cyber solutions and can help businesses navigate through the complexities inherent in purchasing insurance of this type.

Mike Mahoney headshot
Mike Mahoney, Director, Customer Development, Quartet Service Inc.

Mike Mahoney is the Director of Customer Development with Quartet Service, a managed service and security provider with customers across Canada. Serving both private and public sector organizations, Quartet employs a variety of processes and tools to increase productivity while proactively reducing risk in a cyber-attack intensive landscape.

Mike has spent 30 years in the IT sector. First as a managed service provider and then designing systems for critical patient care, landing back in the MSP space. Mike brings this philosophy of the “always on system” to the cyber security world, balancing risk and cost to profitable organizations.

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11/Jun/2020 11:00
11/Jun/2020 12:00
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