Accredited Partner Webinar: Road Warriors to Tech Titans – Confidently Sell Virtually

Reality – growing your business this fall, is not going to happen in your car! 

This interactive webinar will be focused on the changes needed to turn your sales team of Road Warriors into Tech Titans who are effectively selling virtually. We invite both Sales Leaders & Sales Professionals to join us to learn:

  • It begins with your Sales Mindset and #whatyoucando!
  • Change Curve – Why is there resistance to change to virtual selling
  • What do buyers want from you to confidently sell virtually to them
  • Apply the PURPOSE Consultative framework to give you confidence
  • Building rapport and trust through video
  • Prospect and secure new meetings & customers through virtual selling

Join us on Thursday, September 17th at 11am ET, with our host – Lisa Leitch – CPSA Accredited Partner and Teneo Results President and Chief Sales Officer who transitions sales leaders and their teams into high performing teams.

Date: Thursday, September 17th
Time: 11am EST

Your Hosts: 

Lisa Leitch_Professional PhotoLisa Leitch, CSP2 CSL

President & Sales Strategist at Teneo Results

Lisa is driven by the mantra – Be Strategic. Be Pro-active. Be Brave. – and have been successfully training and coaching sales leaders and their teams to do the same for over 15 years.

She has worked with CPSA as a Strategic and Accredited Partner for the past 12 years training hundreds of corporate sales teams.

Lisa recognizes that the competitive sales landscape is ever changing and that sales teams need to evolve with the times. She transitions salespeople away from the standard “product & price” approach that isn’t enough to deliver revenue in today’s market. Rather, she trains & coaches salespeople to upgrade their skills, set goals, and have purposeful business conversations with their customers that generate results.

She also understands what it takes to be successful in sales as she was one of the top multi-million-dollar sales professionals in her industry, which earned her the role of VP of Sales & Client Services.

Many clients from the marketing and promotional, financial, home building material, agriculture and manufacturing sectors ask Lisa to work with them for three months to three years or more.

Lisa is a CSP – Certified Sales Professional and Certified Speaker Professional – the only female in Canada to hold the dual designation, along with the recent CSL – Certified Sales Leader designation.

17/Sep/2020 11:00
17/Sep/2020 12:00
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