Virtual Workshop: Leading Virtual Teams

Prior to the trigger event that necessitated much of the workforce to work virtually, we were beginning to see a shift towards more virtual work. This online workshop is intended to help you maximize the productivity of your team and understand areas where you can encourage performance despite the limitations of no longer being physically present.

Leading Virtual Teams is a 2.5-hour online session where Sales Leaders will be provided effective management, coaching, and communication strategies with a focus on distinguishing best practices for virtual sales team leadership.

Session Focus:

Purpose: Identify and implement key strategies to effectively lead your team remotely

Process: Through discussion, group activities and individual reflection, you will examine the key differences between virtual managing and coaching, and identify the context for application

Payoff: You will have a working plan to lead and communicate with your virtual sales team leveraging the best practices from this session

Thursday, December 3rd
1:30pm - 4:00pm EST

Non-Member: $249
Member: $199 (Must be logged-in to access)


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the key elements of effectively managing a remote team
  • Identify the situations with your team when coaching is needed to support individual and team development
  • Develop a working plan for effective communication when leading a remote sales team

  • The top challenges and opportunities of working remotely as a sales team and leading a remote sales team
  • Define the differences between managing and coaching sales team members
  • Explore best practices of effective remote management and coaching
  • Assessing the needs of your team members and applying coaching/managing strategies using the Sales team performance matrix
  • Explore remote team communication strategies improve collaboration and performance among remote teams. As well as leverage the tools that can enable effective team communication for your remote sales team

  • Four Quadrants Activity: Mapping your teams and identifying the challenges and opportunities of your team map
  • Managing the Message: Remote Team communication Activity
  • Coaching Case Study: Real-world scenario involving modified role play and a debrief

    Course Format 
  • This is a virtual instructor-led course which is made up of a lecture component, activities, discussions, and a role play scenario.
03/Dec/2020 13:30
03/Dec/2020 16:00
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