Virtual Workshop: Coaching For Sales Performance and Growth

There is no more important role in a sales organization than that of the front-line sales manager. They are the lynchpin to success and have the most direct impact on your company’s messengers of value to our potential customers. Their number one job is to develop and coach their team members to success.  This must be data driven, skills specific and most of all executed. 

By tying coaching and development to performance data, quota, and leading indicators, managers can succeed in being accountable to their company’s objectives, and their team’s progress. 

Managers are able to develop specific databased coaching plans for each rep with the singular purpose of helping their reps develop those skills that will ensure quota attainment. 

For aspiring reps or business owners, the webinar will help you develop and sustain, a program of continuous improvement tied to specific business objectives.

As a result of this webinar, you will:

  • Understand the role of metrics in your success
  • Better prioritize your time to maximize output
  • How to design an individual coaching plan tied to your sales process without reinventing the wheel for each rep
  • The importance of leading indicators in coaching for impact now
  • The proper use of the Activity Calculator for results

Wednesday, January 27th 
11:00am - 1:00pm EST

Non-Member: $129
Member: $109 (Must be logged-in to access)


Your Host:
tiborTibor Shanto is a Prospecting & Sales Execution Specialist specializing in B2B companies that deliver professional development for professional sales people. He aims to help sales professionals better execute their sales process, with a focus on new client and revenue acquisition. He has worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of reps, helping them understand that success in sales is all about Execution – Everything Else Is Just talk.

27/Jan/2021 11:00
27/Jan/2021 13:00
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