Virtual Workshop: How to Inspire Buyers and Win Sales in Today’s Virtual Environment

Only 16% of virtual sellers are effective at making an ROI case to buyers, only 21% are effective at differentiating themselves and their offerings from the competition, and only 23% gain buyer attention and keep them engaged in virtual meetings.

At least, that’s what buyers are saying right now about what it’s like to buy virtually from sellers. In 2020, RAIN Group surveyed 528 buyers and sellers about virtual selling. We found that buyers are overwhelmingly underwhelmed by virtual sellers.

There’s room for sellers to improve across the board and at all levels.

If you have the basics well-in-hand and you’d like to be the most engaging, impressive, and persuasive seller you can be, inspiring buyers to buy from you and not others in a virtual environment, register to attend our Virtual Workshop, facilitated by Dave Mahr CSL, Consulting Partner at RAIN Group.

How You'll Benefit

  • Leverage virtual collaboration tools and technologies for the greatest success
  • Become a source of valuable information for your buyers
  • Understand the power of story that leads to buyer action
  • Stand out from, and outsell, your competition
  • Maintain buyer attention and engagement throughout your virtual sales meetings
  • Build a powerful case for the buyer to move forward and move forward with you
Workshop Details:
Date: Wednesday, March 24th
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm EST

Non-Member: $129
Member: $109 (Must be logged-in to access)


Your Host: 
dmahrDave Mahr
CSL, has over 25 years of experience leading sales and marketing teams and has held senior sales positions at NCR, Cap Gemini, IBM KPMG as well as several small & start-up organizations.

He has a variety of front line, executive and board experience and is recognized for sales and marketing expertise in a number of industries including: professional services, retail, high tech, and industrial markets. 
Over the years he has been a speaker / panel member at multiple conferences on a variety of topics and is involved with several Boards.

A lifelong learner, he has a BA from Queen’s University, an HBCOMM and MBA from the University of Windsor, is an Accredited Outsourcing Practitioner, and completed a Diploma in Digital Strategy and Communications Management from the University of Toronto.  He is a certified coach with several sales methodologies and is a Consulting Partner at the RAIN Group, and Partner at ALTA Consulting.  Dave is a Certified Sales Leader (CSL), from the Canadian Professional Sales Association and his LinkedIn profile can be found at:
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