Accredited Partner Webinar: Inside-Outside-Upside Down – the Impact of the New Economy on Selling (And What To Do About It)

During the past year, traditional outside sales professionals have been challenged to operate in many of the same ways as their inside sales counterparts. Leveraging multiple technology platforms to reach prospects, animating virtual client interactions with data-driven insight with more engaging customer-first collateral, and covering more ground efficiently in how territories are managed in our new digital economy.

The role of the salesperson is changing forever. Preparing your organization to adapt and thrive is the defining leadership challenge of this generation. Are you ready?  We can help.  

In less than 45 minutes on Friday, July 16 at 11:00am EST you’ll learn about:

  • Different go-to-market approaches, revenue creation models and roles, and sales enablement practices designed to meet the ever-changing customer and new hybrid selling-buying process
  • How ‘sales calls’ are being reimagined to better meet the needs of shifting customer buying preferences
  • How the rapid adoption on-line buying-selling can be leveraged for accelerating growth versus reducing or even eliminating the role of the sales professional
  • Identifying the most effective and efficient model for your organization, your customers and your performance-driven sales team

Future-proofing your organization – and your team of sales professionals – starts with a simple idea: no one left behind. This event is a critical step in your game plan to gain the insight and support you need for sustainable growth in the new economy. 

Inside-Outside-Upside Down – the Impact of the New Economy on Selling (And What To Do About It) is brought you by industry-leaders Teneo Results, proudly supported by the Canadian Professional Sales Association. 

Date: Friday, July 16 
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm EST


Your Host: 

Lisa Leitch_Professional PhotoLisa Leitch, CSP2 CSL
President & Sales Strategist at Teneo Results

Lisa is driven by the mantra – Be Strategic. Be Pro-active. Be Brave. – and have been successfully training and coaching sales leaders and their teams to do the same for over 15 years.

She has worked with CPSA as a Strategic and Accredited Partner for the past 12 years training hundreds of corporate sales teams.

Lisa recognizes that the competitive sales landscape is ever changing and that sales teams need to evolve with the times. She transitions salespeople away from the standard “product & price” approach that isn’t enough to deliver revenue in today’s market. Rather, she trains & coaches salespeople to upgrade their skills, set goals, and have purposeful business conversations with their customers that generate results.

She also understands what it takes to be successful in sales as she was one of the top multi-million-dollar sales professionals in her industry, which earned her the role of VP of Sales & Client Services.

Many clients from the marketing and promotional, financial, home building material, agriculture and manufacturing sectors ask Lisa to work with them for three months to three years or more.

Lisa is a CSP – Certified Sales Professional and Certified Speaker Professional – the only female in Canada to hold the dual designation, along with the recent CSL – Certified Sales Leader designation.

asadAsad Zaman
Sales Talent Agency

My second day of working in a sales job was one that I will probably never forget because it was the day when I truly fell in love with sales. I was selling lawn aeration door to door and on my second day I set a new company-wide record and pocketed what I would normally make in 2 weeks. I loved connecting with people and selling to them, I loved competing with others and I loved the fact that the harder I worked the better the reward was – that’s when I realized that I had found what I really loved doing. 

Since then I have been rather entrepreneurial, having opened 3 companies before joining Sales Talent Agency. As an entrepreneur I have always been accustomed to wearing many different hats but through all 3 ventures I have been the head of sales and marketing. These ventures also gave me exposure to hiring, training and managing workforces of up to 15 people at a time. I learned that hiring the right person can be the difference between a company being good or great, and also how expensive one wrong hire can be. This is the truest when it comes to sales.

It was time for me to look for a new and exciting challenge to take on and that is when I found Sales Talent Agency and met with Jamie and Sonya. The value proposition thrilled me because helping companies hire sales talent was something my experiences had prepared me well for. I greatly respect the fact that the right sales team can catapult a company to the next level which is why I am excited to help companies find the best employees and help individuals find jobs where they can truly excel.

For the love of sales!
16/Jul/2021 11:00
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