Thriving in Change as a Sales Professional | October 26th at 2:30PM

The change facing you and your customers is unprecedented.  We continue to struggle in the unknown.  But as a sales professional, you have the opportunity to support your customers, your team and yourself through this.  You can thrive in change.
In this 30-minute session you will learn:

  • The ways that people experience change and how to manage resistance 
  • The difference between change and transition
  • How to use an ‘impact balance sheet’ to understand what’s changing and what’s staying the same
  • Why weed need to normalize the ‘neutral’ zone – recognize anxiety and embrace ambiguity
  • What you can do to manage your energy and emotions during change
  • The impact of change and how to help your customers and each other during times of change
Your Speaker: 

Christi Scarrow Bio PicChristi Scarrow - Partner at Lighthouse Nine Group, 

Christi Scarrow is a consultant, executive coach, keynote speaker and a best-selling author of the book Truth Warriors.  She draws on over 20 years of sales leadership experience with firms including Revlon, Mars Canada, and Reckitt Benckiser.   As a Partner at Lighthouse Nine Group, she leads the Insights & Organizational Accountability practice and supports clients in the areas of strategy, leadership development, change management and sales effectiveness.   Her current clients include retailers, manufacturers, and professional services.  She is passionate about working with sales leaders to deliver growth and drive meaningful change.

26/Oct/2021 02:30
26/Oct/2021 03:30
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