Band-aid or Surgery ‘What do you need?’ | October 27th at 3:30PM

Our world of sales continues to evolve.  What has been traditionally focused on building client relationships has evolved into partnerships that require significant insight into our clients business models and marketplace.  The sales professional of the future requires solid general business knowledge; being adept at technology; insightful marketing chops and a recognition that they are ‘Partners’ with their clients for mutual growth and prosperity.  

These new skill sets also require the sales professional to recognize that not all clients want ‘surgery’…or just a ‘band-aid’.  The sales professional also needs to know ‘when to cut bait’ and not spend time with clients that don’t respect what they bring to the table.

This seminar will highlight specific cues to look for from clients on when to invest your time or not.  It will also address how you may need to ‘up your game’ by developing specific business skills/insights and best partnership practices.  Finally, after 40 years of sales training experience with 4 marketplace leaders, the presenter will share personal insights into lesson’s learned and respond to any questions about the sales training marketplace in general.

The content will cover:

- The Evolution of Sales (Relationship; Consultant; Partner; Virtual)Sales Process
- Skills Inventor
- Client Expectations (Vendor; Supplier; Partner)
- When to Walk Away (Band-aid or Surgery)
- Social Media Presence - Thought Leadership
- Reflections after 4 decades

Your Speaker: 

E.Robertson Earl Roberston
President and Founder of Quota® INTERNATIONAL.

Earl Robertson is President and Founder of Quota® INTERNATIONAL. Earl has had an extensive career in sales, marketing, operations and executive management. Mr. Robertson has been CEO of a $40,000,000 staffing services company, President of an international technical training company and was a former executive with Xerox Learning Systems and top salesperson with Procter & Gamble Inc. Quota® is a leading sales training company with operations in: Canada; USA; Latin America; Central Europe; BENELUX; United Kingdom; Middle East and South East Asia. The company has a portfolio of products that provide development and skills in: sales; sales management; sales software; advanced strategic sales; and leadership. Quota® INTERNATIONAL is also present in a number of academic institutions internationally and produces the popular Q NEWS™ newsletter that goes out to thousands of readers.

Mr. Robertson has been the driving force for the international expansion of Quota®. He spends each quarter visiting his international operations and has in-depth experience with international business. Quota® INTERNATIONAL is supported by a team of exceptional Master Distributors and their local teams of distributors. Quota® INTERNATIONAL programs are available in English, French, Polish, Spanish, Arabic & Hungarian. Earl is a graduate in business from Concordia University in Montreal and has also served as a Business Advisor to the Concordia University Faculty of Commerce and was a Lead Judge at the annual INTERNATIONAL MBA CASE STUDY COMPETITION. He is also a CERTIFIED SALES PROFESSIONAL (CSP) with distinction and a CERTIFIED SALES LEADER (CSL) from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Mr. Robertson designed & delivered the Sales Management Certificate program at the University of Toronto and is a guest lecturer on sales operations in various academic institutions. Mr. Robertson has also served on a variety of Boards (public and private).

27/Oct/2021 03:30
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