How to Develop Business Relevance | October 27th at 1:30PM

It’s no secret that the way we do business has drastically changed over the past few years.

Business’ needs seem to be increasingly more complex and diverse, while the amount of stakeholders involved in a buying decision has increased to almost 7 – that’s a lot to juggle as a sales professional looking to navigate this ever-changing landscape!

With so many decision makers involved in the process, sales professionals must continuously strive to get high, wide and deep within their accounts in order to overcome the competition and stay tied into the strategic decisions, buying processes, and ultimately, be a true trusted advisor.

In this session at the 2021 CPSA Sales Success Summit, you’ll gain a deeper understanding around how to implement in-depth strategies to developing business relevance at all levels in a client’s decision-making process as well as to connect your offerings to what’s truly important to a customer's business.

Your Speaker: 

Kerri-Corturillo-feb2019Kerri Corturillo, CSL is an experienced instructor, sales coach and CPSA Facilitator. She has spent over 20 years working in business to business sales and sales leadership roles. Kerri has led large scale sales development initiatives to transform sales cultures, which have improved customer experience and sales achievement.

Her previous experience includes management training, organizational development, product management, project management and human capital management consulting. Kerri holds a Master of Adult Education and also maintains her Ontario Certified Teaching designation. Kerri has earned her Certified Sales Leader designation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association. 

27/Oct/2021 01:30
27/Oct/2021 02:30
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