The Iceberg of Sales Performance: What's below the Water Level can Sink You | October 27th at 2:30PM

Henry Ford said: Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

An individual's sales performance is not determined only by sales skills, process, and product knowledge.  The biggest influencers to your success are the factors that live in your head...often in your subconscious...and are well hidden below the water level of what is visible.  When addressed, these factors can either propel your performance to new heights or sabotage all your best efforts.

Your Speaker: 

tony jtxTony Martino, Co-Founder and Co-President

Tony co-founded JTX following a long and successful career at Xerox Canada. Tony’s results- focused insights are derived from over 30 years in senior leadership roles across multiple disciplines including business operations, human resources, finance, marketing, customer relationship management, outsourced services, supply chain, business transformation and sustainability.

27/Oct/2021 02:30
27/Oct/2021 03:30
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