Tools and techniques to visualize ROI | October 27th at 1:30PM

The pandemic has been hard on all businesses, pipelines have shrunk and sales cycles are longer than ever. In fact, 50% of B2B buyers have been holding off on purchases because of the pandemic. Unless there is a clear ROI case, the value of a product or service is hard to visualize. Sellers need to pitch all deals like you’re pitching to a CFO. The promise of great value is not cutting it. 

Relying on the prospect to on their own develop the business case can lead to significant delays in the decision cycle, and results in more deals ending in “no decision”. 

This session at the 2021 CPSA Sales Success Summit will help sales professionals understand how to can get ahead in a sales cycle by helping your prospect visualize the ROI. Learning to visualize ROI with your prospects will help you and your organization with:

  • Low Win Rates because buyers don’t understand the value of the offering.

  • Lead conversion by providing detailed info to truly qualify the opportunity

  • Sales cycles that get stuck or get lost with no decision.

  • Sales that get heavily discounted.

Your takeaway is simple, Close Bigger Deals in Less Time, Without The Endless Back and Forth or Relying On Big Discounts”

Your Speakers: 
Gord's PictureGord Smith has over 25 years of experience leading sales and marketing teams and has held senior sales positions at NCR, SAP, Siebel Systems, Deloitte, Ideaca, and Hitachi.

Gord was most recently a Partner at one of Canada's fastest growing companies, Ideaca. Ideaca grew from a startup consulting company to over 60 million in revenue and was recognized as one of Canada's top 50 great places to work. In his tenure at Ideaca, Gord led the sales and national marketing. Ideaca was acquired by Hitachi in 2013. 

Gord is recognized for sales and marketing leadership in the professional services, high tech, and financial services industries with clients and partners including Microsoft, SAP, Descartes Systems, Davis LLP, and Wakefield.

Gord has a BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University and an MBA from the University of Windsor.

abhitejAbhitej Singh is experienced in multiple sales and marketing roles. With 4+ years in Sales & Marketing consulting.

His journey took off with a sales position at Axis Bank in India. To expand his knowledge of marketing and sales in a digitally-driven world, he moved to a marketing agency called The AntiAlias. He devised effective digital marketing strategies at the agency for several E-commerce businesses, resulting in a 20% growth in the agency’s revenue. 

Over the past 4+ years with ALTA Consulting he has contributed to the success of our clients by crafting marketing and sales strategies focused solely on revenue generation. On weekends, you’ll find him at racetracks following his passion for automotive racing.

David RashtyDavid Rashty has over 14 years of sales & marketing experience in a variety of industries including Retail, Financial Services, and Landscape Construction.

He has been a top performing sales advisor in the Financial Services and built a landscaping construction business while completing his undergraduate degree. David has both facilitated and provided support for dozens of RAIN Sales Training programs.

At ALTA Consulting, David helps clients realize their growth and revenue goals through supporting their sales and marketing initiatives from drawing board to deal closing.

27/Oct/2021 01:30
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