Data Analytics for Sales Leadership

CPSA is happy to be partnering with Lighthouse Labs to help sales professionals build up essential sales skills for Canadian business. Data plays a critical role in sales. Sales leaders must be able to leverage data and technology to generate insights that inform sales decisions and activities.

Data Analytics for Sales Leadership is an introduction into how you can better collect, clean, analyze, and visualize data using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets to make better data-driven sales and business decisions.

In conjunction with Lighthouse Labs, this 12-hour course explores sales-specific case studies that cover sales planning and execution, forecasting, pipeline management, sales rep performance, and much more.

Date: November 29 - December 10, 2021



Course Details:

  • DAY 1- Data Analysis Foundations: Learn the foundations of data analysis including the analysis process, calculating descriptive statistics and data cleaning using Excel functions such as VLOOKUP.
    - Data analysis process
    - Descriptive statistics
    - Data cleaning with Excel
  • DAY 2- Data Analysis Techniques: Dive deeper into data collection by applying advanced Excel functions and pivot tables to sales data.
    - Data collection for team and organization insights.
    - Analyze key metrics (average deal size, number of deals, cycle time, win rate)
    - Data-driven decision making
    - Apply concepts of analyzing data to execute on sales targets
  • DAY 3- Planning & Forecasting: Employ models for forecasting and planning. Learn to create linear regression models to identify relationship between variables.
    - Data collection for sales planning and forecasting
    - Correlation and linear regression in Excel
    - Trend analysis
    - Analyze and interpret discrepancies between predicted outcomes and actual outcomes
  • DAY 4- Data Visualization & Dashboards: Visualize your findings and prepare insightful dashboards to build a data-driven business case.
    - Data visualization best practices and concepts
    - Build data-driven business case to improve the cycle of selling
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