Webinar: Using Social Styles to Increase your Selling Effectiveness

Interpersonal skills are crucial for developing rapport, overcoming objections, and increasing selling effectiveness.  Often to not come off “too salesy” we sell to others how we best like to be sold to. This significantly limits our ability to develop rapport and meet our clients’ needs and expectations because we are focused on our own preferences. Learning to profile your clients using SOCIAL STYLES, even if you haven’t met them in person, helps to understand what is important to them leading to increased sales and productive relationships.

Salespeople who use SOCIAL STYLES insights and training have significantly better influence (87%), more positive customer relationships (92%), gain ongoing sales (79%) and close more sales (58%).

Regardless of whether you are prospecting or meeting clients in person or in virtual settings you can easily apply this learning.

Date: Thursday June 9, 2022
Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm EST
Facilitator: Shawna Quigley
Language: English



sqShawna Quigley, ACC, CEC CSL

Shawna is a business and sales coach, as well as a sales trainer. An award-winning sales leader with 25 years of experience in strategic sales management, Shawna is a true expert in her field. She has trained hundreds of sales professionals and has led several high-performing national and regional sales teams at large-scale organizations including Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and Playtex Ltd.

She is a graduate of the Royal Roads University Executive Coaching program (CEC), a credentialed coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, certified facilitator of SOCIAL STYLES, a certified sales leader (CSL) and a contracted instructor at the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

09/Jun/2022 11:00
09/Jun/2022 12:00
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