Accredited Partner Webinar: Successful Selling in the New World: more Science…less guessing. Use Science and Data to engineer your sales success

In the New Selling World, data and analysis have replaced intuition, “gut feelings” and all other guessing pitfalls when it comes to ensuring sales success.  This is the era of the Science of Selling.

There are two sides to the sales equation – your Sales Force and your Customers.  A lot of time and research is devoted to understanding the customer – market research, product development, needs analyses, etc.  Data is analyzed, decisions are made on how your company can best approach the customers.  This research and data allows companies to develop laser focused strategies to support the sale of products and solutions to their customers.

Is the same effort and focus put on your Sales Force? 

Sales turnover in Canada is at an alarming 30%.  There are over 70,000 open sales positions with about 25,000 of these in the B2B space. 

Do you know what the dynamics are within your sales force that enable your success?  About 22% of companies have provided some form of sales training in the last 5 years.  More than half of that training is of the more generic type of sales training rather than focused and specific on the gaps and needs of the sales professionals.  Traditional sales training works as well as giving driving lessons to fighter jet pilots.

Learning outcomes of the session:

  • The three measurable success factors emerge as the most critical as having the greatest impact on your sales success?  Even in a recession.
  • Next steps can be put in place immediately to experience a significant and sustainable increase in sales?
  • Things that top performing companies do differently than bottom performing companies.
  • Things that sales leaders need to STOP doing to help their sales teams to succeed.
  • The role of sales leadership in a top performing sales team.
  • Dealing with poor performance: when is it time to say goodbye?
  • Key lessons from more than 2 million data points in the selling profession worldwide.
 Tuesday, October 18th, 2022
Time: 11am-12pm EST
Language: English 


Your Speaker: 

tony jtxTony Martino, Co-Founder and Co-President

Tony co-founded JTX following a long and successful career at Xerox Canada. Tony’s results- focused insights are derived from over 30 years in senior leadership roles across multiple disciplines including business operations, human resources, finance, marketing, customer relationship management, outsourced services, supply chain, business transformation and sustainability.

adcAmato De Civita, Co-Founder and Co-President

Amato is a seasoned, passionate, action-oriented executive with an excellent performance record and highly successful entrepreneurial accomplishments, with proven expertise in areas of sales training, marketing, and management and leadership development.
18/Oct/2022 11:00
18/Oct/2022 12:00
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