Webinar: Sustainability Training - Taster for Sales Professionals hosted by AimHi Earth

A 30-minute crash course for sales professionals to get inspired and learn why sustainability matters to your work.

Get a sneak peak of the format, style and energy of our live sessions in a 15-minute whistle-stop tour of...
🧠 The psychology of the emergency
🌍 Tipping points
🏭 Emissions (scopes 1, 2, 3 & 4)
🦸🏽‍♀️ Role models and leadership

πŸ”₯ PLUS a 15-minute Q&A on the theme of how levelling up your sustainability knowledge and green skills can supercharge your career in sales

Wednesday October 25th, 2023
11:00am – 11:30pm EST
Sarah Mercer, Teacher/Presenter, AimHi Earth


Who is this Taster for?

🌱 Sales professionals, whether experienced or new, seeking to upskill in sustainability.
🌱 Sustainability enthusiasts who want to align their sales strategies with their values.
🌱 Sales managers and team leaders wanting to make their team stand out in a competitive market.
🌱 Individuals seeking personal growth and committed to making a positive impact through their work.

How will sustainability training benefit my work in Sales?

⭐ Build Trust and Credibility with Customers: Confidently communicate in ways that resonate with increasingly environmentally-conscious customers.
⭐ Identify Opportunities: Make informed decisions on how to position your sales strategy to meet rapidly evolving market demands.
⭐ Become a Frontline Ambassador: Effectively communicate your organization's sustainability strategy to improve brand image, attract new (and loyal) customers and generate positive word-of-mouth.
⭐ Future-Proof your Career: Position yourself as a valuable asset, both now and in future roles, by gaining a holistic understanding of the importance of sustainable business practices and embracing climate-conscious solutions.

What do AimHi Earth's sustainability training programs involve?

🌱 A dynamic and empowering exploration of key climate concepts
🧰 Tools for communicating these concepts effectively with others
πŸ’‘ Critical thinking skills and top tips for cutting through misinformation
⚑️ Optimism and energy to make a difference in your personal and professional life
πŸ™‹ A chance to put questions to our expert scientists and climate communicators
🐒 Comprehensive resource packs and thorough references
πŸ† Digital badges and certificates to share your achievement with your professional network

Who is AimHi Earth?

AimHi Earth is the climate communication and training organisation on a mission to provide everyone with the essential tools, systems thinking and holistic understanding needed to accelerate the evolution of our economy and society to one of sustainability and regeneration.

Supported and endorsed by Cambridge Zero, UNEP, UNESCO, the Eden Project, Dr Jane Goodall and Prof Johan Rockström, AimHi Earth's Climate Training has already been delivered for the House of Lords, Team GB athletes, BBC Sport presenters, at COP26, at a G7 Opening Event - as well as for businesses including Unilever, Edelman and Sky.

AimHi Earth is also rated on Trustpilot. Have a look at what previous attendees have said about our courses here.

Your Host:

s mercerOne of AimHi Earth's expert climate communicators, Sarah Mercer, will be presenting this Taster session.

On top of her work with AimHi Earth, Sarah is also a film producer working to put people and planet first. Sarah has worked on projects including producing the award-nominated film ‘Island Utopias’, founding ‘Footprint’, an annual climate innovation event, and running her own social enterprise, Earthscope, which exists to catalyse climate action on the Isle of Man.


25/Oct/2023 11:00
25/Oct/2023 11:30
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