Consultative Sales Bundle

This sales training bundle has been designed to give you the necessary skills to become a consultative salesperson. Professionals that can steer conversations through structured steps know how to shorten their sales cycle and drive success to their business. This course will also help you increase your confidence, help you communicate with different personality styles, develop your strengths, and push you to become a more engaged, goal-driven rep. You will be introduced to what a business case is, and how to build and frame a business case in order to create a presentation that aligns well with their prospect’s needs. 

Courses included:  

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Who Should Attend 

Whether you’re new to sales or a seasoned sales professional, this course will give you the skills you need to engage with your prospects in an effective, consultative manner and provide you with the building blocks to improve your sales performance.

Learning Outcomes 
Throughout the 11 hours of learning in this course bundle, you will: 

  • learn how to use an 8-step consultative selling process to turn product conversations into purposeful business conversations 
  • Apply the elements of a good first sales call
  • Understand how your personality style and its application to help you improve sales conversations
  • Develop a personal brand that takes into account your strengths, weaknesses, and personality style 
  • Develop skills required to create a business case tailored to your prospect’s needs 

Course Format 

This is a self-guided course available online. Students will work through a variety of readings, multimedia, and accompanying activities. This course can be done at your own pace in one, or multiple sessions. Learners will have access to the course for 90 days following purchase.  

This course is comprised of CPSA’s ‘Consultative Sales’, ‘Business Casing’, and ‘Soft Skills for Sales’ courses. 

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