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Help prepare your sales team for the challenges your business faces by taking advantage of CPSA’s sales training. 

Get your reps focused and involved, from entry level sales positions to leadership and coaching training. You can select from your choice of self-serve digital modules or instructor led experiences. Check out our catalogue of online courses here

Our highly experienced adult educators, coaches, and sales practitioners, guide sales reps through interactive online and accessible courses designed to improve their sales performance, complete with the tools and resources needed for future success. 

Here’s what our past course attendees have to say:

“The Strategic Account Management online course course equipped me with new tools and strategies that I could apply on the job the very next day. I was able to bring more value to my team and to my clients.”

– Dan Zimmer, DataVisual Marketing

“The 8 week Fundamentals of Sales course has been so eye-opening and beneficial to my knowledge and understanding of what it means to truly put your client/customer/prospect's needs/goals first. Each successive week builds upon previous content, with the addition of new tools and assignments to solidify concepts. I would highly recommend this CPSA course to my colleagues or anyone interested in refining and building upon their sales skills.” 

- Devindra Persaud, IMCD US Food Inc.

"We have been in business for over 40yrs, with an extensive dealer network but never was able to implement a structured or focused account management plan. The tools provided in this course are simple yet allow us to properly plan based on account potential and track account details."

- Jean-Pierre Xenopoulos, Techni+Contact Canada ltd

If you’re ready to upgrade and empower your sales team with the industry’s most trusted sales training, we’d love to work with you. Need to create a program tailored to your needs, let’s chat!

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