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Learn How Top-Tier Sales Professionals Get Great Results

CPSA has trained over 17,000 professionals, from new salespeople to seasoned veterans. 95% saw increases in sales as a result.

Developed in conjunction with Human Resources Skills Development Canada, our courses build on extensive research into what sets the best salespeople apart. In-class, online, or on-site, our expert instructors will show you how to put that insight to work to boost your own sales success. 


  • Learn proven, practical consultative selling processes and techniques
  • Nurture profitable, long-lasting, trust-based relationships with clients. 
  • Tailor your communication style to each individual buyer.
  • Successfully negotiate win-win results. 
  • Apply a proven, structured approach to sales calls and presentations.
  • Master management and coaching skills to enhance your team’s performance.


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Our Training

Essential Sales Training

Everything you need to succeed in sales, from self-management to consultative selling techniques.


Advanced Selling

Take your sales skills to the next level. Adapt your communication and negotiation styles, grow profits and increase client satisfaction and retention.


Sales Management Programs

Drive success across your organization by developing sales strategies, applying effective coaching techniques, and more.

Our instructors

Chris Champagne

Chris Champagne is a bilingual Sales Transformation Specialist and sales coach with experience leading and motivating high impact sales teams. He has a proven history of consistently delivering sales performance improvements leveraging his facilitation and coaching roles. His one-on-one coaching with executives, sales managers and frontline sales professionals has a direct impact on bottom-line results. Chris also collaborates with small and mid-size companies to assess their sales teams, develop tailored coaching plans, and implement sales transformation programs. Chris is working towards his Certified Sales Leader designation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Kerri Corturillo

Kerri Corturillo is an experienced instructor and sales coach. She has spent over 20 years working in business to business sales and sales leadership roles. Kerri has led large scale sales development initiatives to transform sales cultures, which have improved customer experience and sales achievement. Her previous experience includes management training, organizational development, product management, project management and human capital management consulting. Kerri holds a Master of Adult Education and also maintains her Ontario Certified Teaching designation. Kerri is working towards her Certified Sales Leader designation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Nancy Dewar

Nancy Dewar is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach PCC, an International Facilitator and Learning Strategist MEd, with over 25 years of delivering developmental programs and leading, and managing teams of people. With a background holding senior positions in sales, marketing and operations, Nancy brings a strategic approach to every business situation.
Nancy has lead several corporate coaching and learning initiatives and specializes in sales, culture transformation, change management, coaching and mindfulness and has industry experience to include automotive, consumer package goods, retail, marketing agency, and pharmaceutical. She is certified with the Learning Styles Inventory, Predictive index assessment, and is EQ1 and EQ 360 certified.

Dave Holt, CSP

Dave Holt has over 20 years of experience in the sales training and development field. Some of his many roles have included sales, sales management, sales coaching, consulting and facilitation. Dave has delivered learning programs on a multitude of platforms including live satellite broadcasts to a national audience, large sales conferences with over 450 participants, traditional classroom and workshop environments. He has also coached sales professionals, sales managers and senior management on major sales initiatives and presentations. Dave has obtained, with distinction, the Certified Sales Professional Designation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Jennifer Krueger, CSP

Jennifer Krueger is a sales instructor with over 20 years of sales and leadership experience, as well as a background in training and education. She has worked in a variety of sales roles for several types of organizations – from start-ups to multinationals – including her role as the Managing Director of Canada for a health and wellness organization. Her international experience brings a global perspective to the world of sales. Jennifer has obtained, with distinction, the Certified Sales Professional Designation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Lisa Leitch, CSP

Lisa Leitch is a sales trainer, strategist, and coach who has a proven sales track record selling to companies like Kelloggs, Daimler Chrysler and IBM. Lisa specializes in working with corporate sales teams and their leaders to build stronger consultative sales cultures who love taking their sales game to the next level of success. Teneo Results, founded by Lisa, is one of six accredited training partners and CSP examiners with the Canadian Professional Sales Association. Lisa has obtained, with distinction, the Certified Sales Professional Designation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Shawna Quigley

Shawna Quigley is an executive and sales coach, experienced trainer and high performing sales leader. She has 25 years of sales management and strategic accounts experience in the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Shawna has led several high performing teams, developed and implemented corporate sales operating processes, trained many sales professionals from entry level to Vice President, and coached professionals to next level promotions. She is an experienced instructor, facilitating many in-house training programs. Shawna is currently enrolled in Royal Roads University Graduate Certification in Executive Coaching.

Cindy Stradling, CSP, CPC

Sales agent, facilitator and coach, Cindy Stradling brings over 25 years of practical hands on business experience to her work. She has worked across various sectors including production, logistics, materials management, retail, customer service and sales. She has achieved her professional sales designation (CSP) through the Canadian Professional Sales Association and is a certified coach (CPC), a graduate from Erickson College. Cindy is a member of the Canadian Professional Sales Association and the International Coaching Federation.
Cindy works with entrepreneurs, individuals and corporations such as Canon Canada, 3M Canada, Scotia McLeod, BMO, Marsh and Mercer, RGA International, Nealanders and MMM Group.

Johane Verdier, CSP

Johane Verdier is an international coach with more than 25 years of experience working with people in research and development, technology and pharmaceutical industries. Trained in business administration and psychology, Johane holds a Master of Psychosomatics, as well as accreditation as a business and life coach. Johane trains and coaches employees from all levels within many different organisations. Her diverse training programs align theory and practice using Insights Discovery programs as a basis in all her trainings. Johane has also obtained, with distinction, the Certified Sales Professional Designation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

James Voulakos

James Voulakos is an experienced educator, executive coach and instructor who is passionate about working with business and technology partners to create human-centric experiences. James’ background as a senior manager with more than 21 years of sales management and marketing experience enables him to recognize promise in people and businesses. James is a professor of Management Studies in the Faculty of Business at George Brown College. James holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from McMaster University, a Master of Art in Leadership from Royal Roads University and is a graduate of the Co-Active Coaching Program at the Coaches Training Institute. James is working towards his Certified Sales Leader designation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Paul Watts, CSP

Paul Watts brings over 15 years of sales experience and success in business to business sales, sales management, sales training and coaching. Over the course of his career Paul has worked extensively with senior executives and CEOs within a wide range of companies in a variety of industries both in Europe and North America. Paul holds the Certified Sales Professional designation, with distinction, from the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) and is a certified Adult Educator having completed the Adult Educator program with Mount Royal University.

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