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Learn How Top-Tier Sales Professionals Get Great Results

CPSA has trained over 17,000 professionals, from new salespeople to seasoned veterans. 95% saw increases in sales as a result.

Developed in conjunction with Human Resources Skills Development Canada, our courses build on extensive research into what sets the best salespeople apart. In-class, online, or on-site, our expert instructors will show you how to put that insight to work to boost your own sales success. 


  • Learn proven, practical consultative selling processes and techniques
  • Nurture profitable, long-lasting, trust-based relationships with clients. 
  • Tailor your communication style to each individual buyer.
  • Successfully negotiate win-win results. 
  • Apply a proven, structured approach to sales calls and presentations.
  • Master management and coaching skills to enhance your team’s performance.


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“I should have taken this course 10 years ago. Focused and re-enforced things I am already doing and added a number of superior ideas and techniques to my toolbox.”
Jean Paul, on Strategic Account Management


Essential Sales Training

Everything you need to succeed in sales, from self-management to consultative selling techniques.


Advanced Selling

Take your sales skills to the next level. Adapt your communication and negotiation styles, grow profits and increase client satisfaction and retention.


Sales Management Programs

Drive success across your organization by developing sales strategies, applying effective coaching techniques, and more.

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"Should be on every company’s critical development path"

Michael, on Professional Sales Management