Effective Negotiating Strategies

Master the negotiation process in order to close more deals at higher profit margins, while keeping your clients happy. 

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals that want to increase their close ratios while maintaining or growing profit margins in the buying process
  • Experienced sales professionals, business-owners and entrepreneurs, sales managers, buyers and sellers involved in negotiations

Available Formats

  • Instructor-led in-class over two days
  • On-site with the opportunity to customize

Learning Outcomes

  • Take a consultative, win-win approach to negotiations that secure long-lasting partnerships with clients
  • Reframe previous or potential issues to solve impasses and create value for both parties
  • Avoid deadlocks by uncovering and focusing on your client’s true interests
  • Guide and facilitate negotiations with a structured 8-step process
  • Effectively prepare for every negotiation by defining your goals, positions, bottom-line, trip wires, and vulnerabilities
  • Create and apply concession strategies that lead to successful negotiations while maintaining profit margins
Course Content (2-day program)

Principles of Effective Negotiation

  • The negotiation style most compatible with consultative selling
  • Applying the concept of re-framing
  • How to determine the real interests of your client
  • Building lasting and beneficial relationships with your client

Influential Negotiating Strategy

  • Managing negotiations using the eight-step negotiation process
  • Exploring the elements of pre-negotiation planning process
  • Using compliance principles and influential negotiation tools
  • Learning to build an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual trust
  • Discovering keys to applying gambits and concessions

Negotiation Interaction

  • Tips for successful negotiation interactions
  • Conducting a mock negotiation session
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