Professional Sales Management

Build your sales skills specific to leadership, business management, and talent management to overcome the unique challenges faced by sales managers in Canadian organizations.

Walk away with a better ability to translate an organization’s vision into a meaningful vision for a sales team and for yourself, and a deeper understanding of how to manage and coach salespeople with varying degrees of motivation, experience, skill, and success.

You will learn how to better facilitate the movement and interpretation of information, coaching best practices, tracking of metrics, and forecasting. Participants will engage in three days of interactive classwork, application activities and roleplays.

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Who Should Attend

  • Managers or soon-to-be managers that are looking for strategies, tools, and processes to build and drive a successful sales team and culture
  • New and experienced sales managers or directors, business-owners and entrepreneurs, sales professionals that desire to move into management

Learning Outcomes

Module 1: Roles of the Sales Manager

  • Describe how selling and sales management has changed
  • Gain clear expectations of the multiple roles you play as a Professional Sales Manager, from Strategist to Talent Manager

Module 2: Leadership

  • Create tailored go-to-market sales strategies for each of your customer segments
  • Shape your sales culture by effectively defining and delivering your vision with a five-step process
  • Successfully guide your team through periods of change or upheaval with specific and proven change management techniques

Module 3: Managing Sales Performance

  • Define a formal sales process for your team and identify the skills required to be successful every step of the way
  • Predict sales performance with specific budgets for each rep
  • Develop forecast templates that help keep you and your reps on track

Module 4: Talent Management 

  • Understand the tools that support sales performance management
  • Formalize talent management with a structure process
  • Create a recruitment plan that ensures you’re using every avenue to find the right candidates
  • Develop motivational compensation plans that make financial sense
  • Screen candidates using specific criteria and tools and conduct structured, in-depth interviews that provide deeper insights into each candidate
  • Select the appropriate type of training for your team and take the steps to measure results
  • Use collaborative coaching and individual performance plans to improve the effectiveness of each one of your reps
  • Complete regular performance reviews that provide constructive feedback and support performance plans

What do I get when I complete the course?

Upon completion of this 21-hour program, learners will receive a certificate of completion from CPSA. The program is partially aligned to meet the educational requirements for the Certified Sales Leader (CSL) designation offered by the CPSA Institute, which learners can apply for upon completion of the program.

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"This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. It was relevant in every aspect of my day to day job and the examples and activities were base on real scenarios currently applicable. The instructor delivered the material at a good pace with such motivation that it kept me engaged throughout all three days. This course was worth every minute of my time."

Monica Bonneville, Berg Chilling Systems Inc.

Note: occasionally, course dates may change. Registered learners will receive a minimum of 14 days notice of any date changes with options to reschedule.

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