Sales Bite: Building Effective Prospect Lists

Developing Client Intelligence – Building Effective Prospect Lists is a 3-hour training module where learners will be provided the necessary knowledge and framework to understand the challenges and characteristics of the market. This foundation of developing client intelligence will be applied to help them identify potential clients, and construct lists of high potential clients to contact. 

The module and related materials are free for all publicly funded colleges and universities. They are also available to the public for a small licensing fee.

Learners will acquire the skills needed to comfortably initiate contact with a prospect and create an effective approach to different prospective clients. They will develop effective tools, approach analysis, and step-by-step methodology needed for implementing the framework across their target market.

Module Objectives:
  • Segment the market based on clearly defined attributes that align to your organization
  • Classify buyers by state of readiness and create modified approaches for each buyer state
  • Identify client objectives and how to leverage this throughout the client acquisition process
  • Improve buyer interaction by compiling and analyzing client intelligence

  • Value
  • Buyer States of Readiness
  • Client Objectives 

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