Sales Bite: Financial Literacy for Sales Professionals

Financial Literacy for Sales Professionals is a 3-hour training module where learners will be introduced to fundamental topics in finance, and the analytical tools required to assess the financial condition of a potential client.

The module and related materials are free for all publicly funded colleges and universities. They are also available to the public for a small licensing fee.

Learners will establish a foundational understanding of how profitability is measured and reported in financial statements, as well as the basic skills required to calculate, analyze, and assess an organization’s financial health.

Module Objectives:

  • Understand the financial accounting principles used to measure profitability
  • Apply key financial tests to analyze the profitability of an organization’s operations
  • Apply key financial tests to also examine the liquidity, asset management, and capital structure of an organization to better understand its financial health and possible risks

  • Financial Reports & How Profitability is Measured
  • Key Ratio Analysis
  • Return on Investment Analysis

What’s Included?

  • Participant guide
  • Facilitator guide
  • Presentation materials to support lectures and seminars
  • Subject related activities with engaging exercises (roleplay, analysis, etc.)
  • Case study activity promoting the application of skills learned within each module and independent learning

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