Sales Coaching for Success

Gain the tools to coach your team effectively and unlock the potential for growth and larger opportunities.

Who Should Attend

  • Sales leaders that want to drive and support the success of each individual team member with collaborative coaching methods
  • New and experienced sales managers and directors, business-owners and entrepreneurs, anyone in or considering a leadership role

Available Formats

  • Instructor-led in-class over two days
  • On-site with the opportunity to customize

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand when to coach and when to manage
  • Encourage and drive individual learning, development, and change
  • Develop committed, positive sales reps using a collaborative coaching method and mindset
  • Create an environment that fosters positive behaviour and performance
  • Tap into the individual motivators of each one of your reps
  • Define clear expectations that provide your reps with a roadmap to success
  • Identify what reps would benefit most from your coaching time and maximize your ROI
  • Understand development as a key component of the talent management process, and the principles behind it
  • Differentiate between coaching conversations and performance appraisals
  • Navigate the pitfalls that turn coaching calls into sales calls
  • Successfully apply the right type of coaching call for different situations
  • Solidify the learning experience for your rep with formalized pre- and post-call processes
  • Establish coaching protocols and standards with your team
  • Conduct structured coaching conversations that result in collaborative go-forward commitments and lead into new coaching cycles
  • Constructively observe your reps to develop a plan for every coaching conversation
  • Ask the right questions that support a cooperative development approach
  • Manage the progress, accountability, and attitude of your reps to support their success

Course Content (2-day program)

Collaborative Coaching

  • Delivering three levels of value
  • Learning the key roles of an effective sales manager
  • Recognizing the differences between managing and coaching
  • Understanding the principles of Collaborative Coaching
  • Creating your own personal development plan

Determining Sales Performance

  • Three elements in sales performance and their measures
  • A structure for understanding and managing motivation
  • Evaluating and measuring sales effectiveness

Developmental Planning

  • The Talent Management Process
  • Coaching as part of training and ongoing performance management

Coaching Calls

  • Techniques to develop business through the efforts of others
  • Three types of Coaching Calls and pre/post call process
  • Establishing coaching protocols and standards

The Coaching Conversation

  • Understanding and applying the four stages of a collaborative coaching conversation
  • Handling conflict with the coaching conversation
  • Using the communication skills of active listening and questioning
  • Obtaining non-evaluative feedback
Course Cancellation Policy
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Follow-up Virtual Coaching Session #1
Follow-up Virtual Coaching Session #2
Course Fee
New Attendees (Non-Members)

Includes a 1-year CPSA Membership

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