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Certified Sales Professionals Set the Bar for Excellence in Professional Sales

Demonstrate your experience, knowledge and skill. Show your commitment to excellence and ethics. And apply proven tools and techniques to build stronger, more profitable relationships with customers.  

"It has helped me sell more, sell smarter and sell better.”
Rory, CSP Since 1995

As the only recognized sales designation in North America, CSP opens the door to better career opportunities and higher earning potential.

  • 72% of CSPs rank in the top 25% of sales within their organizations
  • The majority surpass their annual sales quotas
  • Almost 50% earn more after completing the program

"After 5 years in Sales I went through the CSP designation training. It allowed me to really concentrate on some of my weaknesses and break some bad habits. I became more organized and stayed focused on the true opportunities!”
Margaret, CSP Since 2002

Becoming a CSP


  • Minimum 2 years of verified sales experience
  • Education that demonstrates competence in Consultative Selling, such as completion of CPSA’s Professional Selling or Strategic Account Management

Get Accredited 

  • Complete written and oral exams that test knowledge, application, and your ability to follow the consultative sales process
  • Agree to abide by the Sales Institute Code of Ethics
  • Pay a one-time Registration Fee

Maintain Your Designation 

  • Commit to at least 20 hours of professional development each year
  • Pay a small annual Maintenance Fee 
  • Remain a member in good standing of the Canadian Professional Sales Association

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"My CSP designation provides consistent recognition within our company, as all sales people are required to have it."

Cathy, CSP Since 2013