Certify Your Team

Build a Stronger Sales Team and Boost Your Bottom Line

"As part of our company training strategy, all of our account executives are put on the path towards earning their CSP designation.”
Morley, Member Since 2008

Adding CSP designation to your sales training and development program helps motivate and retain your team, ensures high standards, positions you as an industry leader, and gets you consistent results.  

As top performers work their way up in your organization, we’ll support them with new skills and deeper knowledge. Starting in 2018, a Graduated Certification Program will build on our existing CSP program to support sales professionals at every stage of their career, in every role, from entry to leadership.

Our rigorous, standards-based framework is being developed in consultation with industry to deliver results at every level in your sales organization. Equip your team with on-the-ground sale essentials like Consultative Selling, Negotiation, and Relationship Management, and advanced knowledge and skill sets like Strategic Account Leadership, International Sales, and Effective Sales Leadership.

Implement a CPSA certification program for your entire sales force to create company-wide commitment, embody best practices, and accelerate performance across your sales organization.


  • Attract and retain top sales professionals
  • Build your team’s confidence and culture
  • Prepare top performers to take on new challenges
  • Implement shared processes that drive performance
  • Foster better client relationships
  • Support your team in achieving more, more consistently


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"Our entire Management & Sales Team are starting to really benefit from the training."

Ray, CSP Since 2000