Q: I’m currently in the process of becoming a CSP (or was just about to begin). What do the new requirements mean for me?

The new CSP requirements and CSP examination will come into effect in February 2018.

CSP designation can continue to be earned prior this date according to the current requirements.

Under the current requirements, valid until February 2018, CSP candidates must:

  • Have a minimum 2 years of verified sales experience
  • Have education that demonstrates competence in Consultative Selling
  • Complete written and oral exams that test knowledge, application, and ability to follow the consultative sales process
  • Agree to abide by the CPSA Sales Institute Code of Ethics
  • Pay a one-time Registration Fee


The new rules for earning and maintaining your designation will apply to all CSPs as of February 2018.


Q: I’m already a CSP. What do the new CSP designation requirements mean for me? 

Your CSP designation will continue to be valid, as long as you maintain your designation under the new requirements after February 2018.

For a limited time, CSP with distinction who meet the experience requirements for Certified Sales Leaders (CSL) may apply with exception from the final CSL exam. 


Q: I’m currently a CSP. Can I fast track my Certified Sales Leader designation? 

Yes. For a limited time, current CSPs with distinction, or with more than 10 years of experience in sales leadership, may apply for an exemption from the CSL exam.

All other CSL requirements apply.


Q: I was previously a Certified Sales Professional but I let my designation lapse. Can I re-activate it? 

If you are a formerly-designated CSP who has been inactive for 3 years or less, you can apply to re-activate your certification by providing annual professional development documentation for that period, demonstrating ongoing learning and experience in key professional sales skill areas from the competency framework.


Q: When will CPSA start accepting applications for the new designations? 

You can start the process of applying for Certified Sales Associate, Certified Sales Professional, or Certified Sales Leader today by completing this form.


Any other questions? Send us an email to SalesSuccess@cpsa.com.

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